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Who am I?

My name is Olga Bishop, I am Certified Senior 2 Iyengar Yoga teacher, and today I invite you to my online classes.

I started my yoga journey in Yekaterinburg, Russia in 1996 and  I teach Iyengar yoga since 2003.

Having come to Pune to study with B.K.S.Iyengar for the first time in 2005, I then came back yearly for next 10 years.

I organised my own yoga studio Dipika in Yekaterinburg under the name of B.K.S. Iyengar in 2007 with his personal written permission.  I was teaching TTCs since 2011 in Russia and since 2014 in Bulgaria, also took part in teachers education programs in Turkey, and Czech Republic, and I was an Assessor on Russian and international  Assessments. Currenlty I am a part of a team who teaches International Iyengar Yoga Teachers Online Education program (ISBS) based in Germany.

I have organised and conducted around 20 Multinational Iyengar yoga workshops in exotic and beautiful places, like Bali, Goa, Nepal, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey and more than 80 local weekend workshops for yoga teachers and students.

Since 2017 I hold Senior Intermediate 2 Certificate which allows me to conduct Yoga Therapy classes, work with pregnant women, and lead Mentoring programs for CIYTs level 1 and 2.   

I believe that subject of Yoga is going farther and deeper than just improving our physical health. Yoga practice touches us emotionally, mentally, spiritually and helps us not only to get rid of suffering and pain, but to grow up and develop our best qualities. 

I am looking forward to seeing you soon online!

Why do people trust me?
I want Yoga practitioners

To become strong and healthy

The Method

is reliable and is using in more than 40 countries 

I give personal support

to each student. You will be heard.

I have years of experience

I practice Yoga for 25 years and I teach Iyengar Yoga since 2003

Senior 2 RIMYI Certificate

gives me the right to teach teachers and to conduct remedial classes

Up to 30% discount

for package of 4 and 8 classes

What people say about my classes
Christine M.

Thank you again for the wonderful practice, Olga. Through the repetition it deepens every time and the connections become clearer, sharper and more intuitive.

Beata G.

Thank You, Olga! It was a wonderful experience. Especially, the magic Savasana.

Sonya A.

Want to thank you for the morning practice. It felt amazing with the abdominal organs, softly packed up. I got acquainted with some new muscles in the hip region.

Barbara B.

Thank you Olga - the way you bring challenging poses into our Asana practice with such elegance and ease is delightful. The acknowledgment of the mental and physical space integration alone is fascinating.

Iyengar Yoga Online

Here you can find online yoga courses (via Zoom) that are suitable for Iyengar Yoga teachers and practitioners with minimum two years of practice who can do Sarvangasana 5 min and Sirsasana 1 min (with the wall is OK) and who know how to adjust their practice to their health conditions. If you have less experience or need a special approach you can contact me and we'll discuss private online sessions.

Also, if you have enough practice, you can buy videos from my previous courses to practice yoga on your own using my video guidance.

90 min online class for Iyengar Yoga experienced practitioners and Teachers
11.99 $
“Inner Organ Health” Iyengar Yoga online course with Olga Bishop

Want to know more about the health of digestive system and reproductive system? 
Want to grow professionally as a yoga teacher?

Join this course from August 4th!
95.99 $

What do I need to have to practice yoga online?

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You need to have a computer, install Zoom (it's free) and you'd need some materials: yoga mat + 5 yoga blankets + 2 yoga belts + 2 wooden bricks. Sometimes we also use chairs, bolster and other materials, you can contact the teacher to learn the details.

How can I practice yoga online?
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You can practice yoga online by having an online class with a teacher via zoom or buying one of the videos and following the instructions in it.


St. Petersburg, Florida

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